Our current lifestyles are so fast-paced, everybody is busy and wants to make the most of life. We all want to do so much in a day—spend time with family and friends, exercise, watch a movie or read a book that has been waiting to be opened for months, and eat a balanced nutritious diet—but we simply lack the time.

Supermarkets, restaurants with fast-food or take-out options, and home delivery services all help by providing easy meals that save time. The downside is that most of these options do not contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet; thus, they do not contribute to you being your best self.

We have been there! Since we started dating in high school, we have tried to get the most out of our lives, and we’ve enjoyed going out for dinner, travelling, and exploring cultures and their foods. A couple of years ago, we were working abroad in the Middle East and had a very busy life. We both worked full time, and every evening we met up with friends for dinner, drinks, and social activities. We truly enjoyed our lives, but we started to question its sustainability, especially after we had to make another trip to the shops to buy bigger clothes and Maud reached a point where she didn’t want to be included in any pictures. We not only noticed our weight, but we also didn’t have any energy; we felt tired all the time and generally unhealthy. Also, we knew that several of our family members had been severely ill and some very close to us had passed away at too young an age, so we started our journey to a healthier lifestyle. We undertook a lot of research in nutrition and incorporated exercise into our daily routine; within a short time, we started to feel better. Motivated by our experience, Maud has further studied Nutrition and Health coaching to be able to share our knowledge and support people going through the same struggle. Our goal is to help and support people from all around the world who want to be their best and healthiest self.

In our research and throughout our experience, we discovered that having a routine of regularly shopping for groceries gives you the best chance of success to stock your home with foods and drinks that complement a healthier diet. This practice also helps lower the chances that you’ll get take-out, buy a ready-made meal, or consume unhealthy snacks. The goal of The Pantry Doctor is to guide and support you in your journey toward your best self. We will provide you with a full analysis of your pantry and share general consensus on which products in your pantry are actually helping you toward a healthier you and which ones are preventing you from getting there.



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