5 tips for healthier grocery shopping

Healthier shopping with shopping trolley full of fruits and vegetables

Stocking up your pantry with healthier options is an essential step in your journey to becoming your healthiest self. But are you struggling to find and buy healthier groceries? These 5 tips can certainly support you to turn grocery shopping into a more enjoyable and healthier activity!

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1. Never (and we mean, really never!) go grocery shopping on an empty stomach or when you are hungry

Shopping on an empty stomach is a recipe for failure! And what we don’t want is for you to set yourself up for failure, but success is the aim. It would be best to plan your trip to the grocery store just after you have had your meal. But we know that life happens, and our time-management is not always optimal. Therefore, it would be great to make it a habit to quickly eat something before you leave your home.  Or when you are in a rush take something for the road. Maybe an apple to munch on in the car or some nuts that you can easily pop in your handbag. Drinking water could often battle that feeling of hunger, so never leave the house without a small bottle of water in your purse!

By failing to prepare, you are prepairing to fail

2. Be prepared

Don’t go shopping without properly being prepared. Now we hear you ask, ‘but how do we do that’? Why not start with making a meal plan for the whole week? A meal plan will not only help against worrying all week what you will have to prepare for dinner, but it will also provide you with a shopping list. Although it might take some time in the beginning, it will save you a lot of time during the rest of the week. Don’t be shy, put everything on your meal plan, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks. Share it with your family as well so they know what they can expect. Kids no longer have to ask you what’s for dinner or if they can have a snack several times a day. You can refer them to the planning, and they have all the information they need. Don’t know where to start? Download our free meal plan template!

3. Don’t tempt yourself

If you have a sweet or salty (or both like we do) tooth, make an effort to avoid the aisles that could tempt you. Why would you enter the aisle with all the delicious chocolates, candies and chips if your goal is to become your healthiest self? We are not saying that you have to deprive yourself complete of all the yummy snacks you enjoy. Depriving yourself will not work in the long-run at all (trust us, we tried…. And failed), but first attempt to change your habits and learn how to control your urges. After you feel you can do this, see what suits you best 80/20 a 90/10 or maybe a 70/30 rule and only then enter those aisles and just pick items you enjoy most and want as your treat for your special ‘me’ moment. We do that as well! Once in a while we fully enjoy our ice cream and without feeling guilty about it or go all out on snacks.

4. Make it a game

Shopping with your kids can be a challenge; keeping an eye on them while having to fill your cart with the food for the week. Or maybe even having to battle some scenes because they feel that they are entitled to that bag of chips, and those lollies, and the popcorn and the chocolates. Why not try to make it a game? Involve them in your meal plan and preparation of the shopping list. Have them pick out their favorite items, and as soon as you enter the grocery store, those items are their responsibility. They can go on and venture (as long as you feel comfortable with this in the environment you are in) on their own to find the items and tick them off the shopping list as soon as they have put them in the cart. This could make them feel more empowered and more attached to those items. So, when serving them a meal with their hand-picked items, you can make them a compliment!

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5. Involve your loved ones

You don’t have to go through a health journey on your own, because wouldn’t it benefit your partner and/or your kids as well? So why not involve them and discuss with them the choices that you are making. For example, you have pasta on your menu for this week which means you want to buy pasta sauce. When you are in the store have your kid(s) pick out different sauces and have them read through the label. Together you can compare the sauces and ask for their input on what they think and which one they think is healthier and why. It’s a win-win, you have some extra bonding time with your child; they practice their reading while they become more aware of healthier choices

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6. BONUS – Shop Online

While this option certainly is not for everyone, a lot of grocery stores offer the convenience of home delivery of your online order. Not only will you save a lot of time with this, but you also avoid any temptation as you can stick to your grocery list and not have to venture into the snack aisle. All from the comfort of your home, no kids screaming for snacks, no kids getting lost, no frustrations. Just you behind your computer or even on your phone and your shopping list, done within minutes!

Healthier Grocery Shopping

We hope that these 5 tips will help you create a healthier grocery shopping experience.

At The Pantry Doctor, our goal is to help people become their healthiest self. If you want to learn more about the healthiness of the groceries you are buying, please have a look at our homepage to see how we might help you further.

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